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Hôtel Restaurant du Vieux Pont
Tél.: +33 (0)5 65 64 52 29 - Fax: +33 (0)5 65 64 44 32

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  • ris d'agneau, saveurs citronnées, orange et romarin (2)
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The Menu

Découverte et saveur, 32€

(discovery and taste)
This special is served everyday at lunchtime, except weekends and holidays

Leeks, asparagus and potatoes with Rodez’s cheese
ham and lettuce
Some chicken breast breaded with walnut sesame,
mushroom foam, pulp of kohlrabi, some vegetables
Strawberries in small choux pastry,
cream with orange blossom water, strawberry and tarragon sorbet

Petits fours

 Découverte et gourmandise, 62€

(discoveries and savours)
The menu can be served for 52 euros with the first and third dish

Toasted linen-seed bread, springtime vegetables, small sautéed gambas, ravioles in shrimp broth, lime oil
Asparagus from Mallemort, yuzu sauce, fennel pulp, mint oil, hazelnut and orange bread
Browned lamb sweetbread, variety of cress and beetroot, a zest of lemon and citron
Hake from St Jean de Luz fried on potato pancake, fresh tome cheese, black olive oil, rocket coulis, capers, variety of small leaves
Bass fillet, herbed stuffing, cockle and leek in a vanilla broth
Segela veal cooked medium-rare, kaffir lime, mashed potatoes with almond, lemon and ginger oil
Platter of Rouergue cheeses
Single-coloured chocolate, hazelnut mousse, soft biscuit, dashes of lemon
Citrus-flavored ice-creamed cake (cream, eggs) (lemon, grapefruit, orange, citron)
Thin, sweet crisps (tuiles), passion fruit mousse, pineapple and kaffir lime sorbet
Assortment of five desserts (sweet, fruity, ice-creamed) +8€
Petits fours

Découverte et plaisir, 85€

(discovery and pleasure)
This menu will be served to all the party

Green asparagus
foamy egg cream and grated truffle from Lot region

Pan fried monkfish on a strawberry vinaigrette
quinoa, bergamot mint foam and cabbage spikes

Pan fried Foie gras
declination rhubarb tart and Amarena cherries

The half roast pigeon from La Coulonnière and its crust with parsley
thigh stuffed with offal, onion juice with walnut oil
Selection of cheeses from Rouergue
Tout en légèreté (light colourful dessert)
strawberries and rhubarb sorbet in a meringue sphere juice Verbena

Tout chocolat (All chocolate)
On a sand cocoa, creamy chocolate, chocolate ice cardamom, cocoa nibs


Assortment of five desserts (sweet, fruity, ice-creamed)
Petits fours